A Confederacy of Dunces / La Conjuration des imbéciles

John Kennedy Toole

Édition de référence : Penguin Essentials, 2011


Remarque : visée plus drôle qu’intellectuelle.


« ‘I refuse to “look up”. Optimism nauseates me. It is perverse. Since man’s fall, his proper position in the universe has been one of misery’

‘I ain’t miserable’

‘You are’

‘No, I ain’t’

‘Yes, you are’ » (p.59)

« This expert from the universe of the Grand Concourse was attracted to the table at which I was holding court by the singularity and magnetism of my being. As the magnificence and originality of my worldview became explicit through conversation the  Minkoff minx began attacking me on all levels, even kicking me under the  table rather vigorously at one point I both fascinated and confused her; in short, I was too much for her. » (p.125)

« Is my paranoia getting completely out of hand, Ignatius asked the group, or are you mongoloids really talking about me? » (p.164)

« ‘She said somebody oughta punch you right in the nose’

‘Coming from her, that’s rather literate’ » (p.180)

« The comments upon my personal life were uncalled for and revealed a shocking lack of taste and decency » (p.185)

« You can always tell employees of the government by the total vacancy which occupies the space where most other people have faces » (p.208)

« ‘I wish you was as brave as she is’

‘I see. Now I am being compared to a degenerate old female fraud. Worse, I am losing in the comparison. » (p.218)

« Now he has relegated me to working in the French Quarter, an area which houses every vice that man has ever conceived in his wildest aberrations, including, I would imagine, several modem variants made possible through the wonders of science » (p.227)

« ‘Oh, I never guessed that you would be such a fun person to know. You were so hostile in that dreadful, tacky bar.’

‘My being has many facets.’ » (p.257)

« ‘For everything nice I ever done for you, I just get kicked around. I want to be well treated before I die. You learnt everything Ignatius, except how to be a human being.’

‘It is not your fate to be well treated, Ignatius cried. You’re an overt masochist. Nice treatment will confuse and destroy you.’ » (p.367)

« Yes, she would fix him up all right. A hose would be turned on him. Some cretin psychoanalyst would attempt to comprehend the singularity of his worldview. In frustration, the psychoanalyst would have him crammed into a cell three feet square. No. That was out of the question. Jail was preferable. There they only limited you physically. In a mental ward they tampered with your soul and worldview and mind. He would never tolerate that. » (p.387)

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